The Kickstart Project was never just about writing a book. While it’s lovely to hold the finished product (which we received from the printers just the other day!) in our hot, little hands, it was never about just this (though the thrill is an appreciated balm in this frigidest of frigid winters).

No, Kickstart was always about trying to inspire people. We know that everyone always says that (it makes for great marketing gaga), but we mean it. We not only want people to walk away from our book inspired to go out and kickstart something of their own; we also want them to go out and interview people in their own communities.

We’re hoping to eventually make our website – – a huge repository of kickstart stories. So, with only a few weeks before the book hits stores, we thought we’d officially invite you (whoever you are) to contribute to The Kickstart Project.

Why settle for the people we picked to interview? Our choices reflect who we are, who we could find, and who responded to our entreaties. Kickstart is just the beginning. We’re still out, setting up interviews and compiling them, so why not join us? Go out into your community, find someone who’s made a serious mark on the world, and ask them how they got started.

Did they always dream of doing what they are doing? Or did they fall ass backwards into it? Did they bum around Europe and write poems about flowers before starting their own company at 28? Did they do corporate litigation before ditching the tie and taking up the cause of debt relief or community renewal? Did they once want to be a tuba player in the Regina Philharmonic, or a roadie on the Anne Murray tour?

Go out, ask, and then send us the stories you collect. We’ll post them for all to read. If you don’t want to write, send video.

Teachers, why not get your classes to participate? Add Kickstart to you Careers course curriculum and then send your students off to collect stories.

And if you have a story of your own, we’d like to hear that too! Why wait for some smelly teenager to come and ask you questions? Scrawl us something. We’d love to hear it.

For more info regarding The Kickstart Project, check out the Resources page on our website.