National Post editor-at-large Diane Francis was on CBC Radio’s The Current with Anna-Maria Tremonti today, talking about her exciting new book, Who Owns Canada Now?

In the book, Francis exposes the extent to which the Canadian Establishment contrinues to morph and change. The reigning plutocracy that owned so much of the country twenty years ago (when Francis wrote Controlling Interest: Who Owns Canada) has given way to a multitude of self-made billionaires (more than the Forbes list acknowledges, Francis claims). And this new group doesn’t look anything like their predecessors at the top. To a large extent, they are of the Gates and Buffett school – the type of international entrepreneurs who aren’t likely to hand over their businesses to soft-headed children.

A business writing vet with a mind like a steel trap, Francis seems to have convinced a large number of otherwise reclusive billionaires on to her conversation couch. We haven’t read the book yet, but based on the interview (Tremonti’s are always good) it sounds like an intriguing look at money and influence in today’s Canada.

You can listen to the show here.