Thankfully, someone finally put Paul’s appearance on Toronto’s Breakfast Television up on Youtube for the world to enjoy/mock. We’re now looking to add a BT component to our national tour, with stops at each Breakfast TV set across the country. Producers be warned. We’re coming for you! In jackets and sweater vests no less.


Well no, Paul didn’t wear suspenders, but he did go on Breakfast Television this morning, and he did drink a lot of complimentary Maxwell House coffee, and he did accidentally swear on air. It was short, but it was sweet, and we really appreciate the Producers and Kevin for allowing him to come on.

You can watch the segment here.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, March 26th), Paul will reach his life’s apotheosis when he appears on City TV (Toronto)’s Breakfast Television alongside Kevin Frankish (who has a great start-up story of his own). The interview will go on air sometime between 7 and 8am and will no doubt feature a suspender-off.