There are tonnes of different ways to engage with the Kickstart Project. Here are just a few:

a) Read Excerpts from the various sections of our book on our website

b) Feel like going off and doing some Kickstart interviews of your own? Or why not get your students to do it? Check out the Resources available on our website

c) Join in the conversation about Kickstart and the Kickstart Project on our Facebook Page

d) Check out what the media’s been saying

e) Get us to come to your library or school. Contact for information.

One Response to “Other Ways to Check us out”

  1. Susan Nash said

    Andrew, As a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business, I was wondering if you would send a few words of inspiration/advice for my son, Zak, who is graduating from High School (Mulgrave School, West Vancouver) in two weeks. He has received early or pre-admission to the Ivey School and we are all very excited for him! He does not know where it is all heading but that is okay. I plan on buying your book for him (as well as some of his friends) for grad gifts. A few of your words, would really personalize it! I do hope you can find a few moments between book signings! Thank you! Susan Nash

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