We are three: Paul Matthews, Alexander Herman, and Andrew Feindel.

In 2004, we set out to interview some of Canada’s most successful artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs, and compile their stories in a book. That book is now complete and it hits shelves in March, 2008. It is called Kickstart: How Successful Canadians Got Started, and it focusses on each individual’s first steps on the road to wherever they were going. It is a book about being in your late teens and twenties, about how you figure out what you want, and how you begin to go about getting it.

This is our blog. It is where we will provide backstory to the book, discuss some of what we learned, and highlight some of the amazing things Canadians are doing around the world.

4 Responses to “About Kickstart”

  1. john buchan said

    I watched the interview on City TV this morning, and my first thoughts were “what a unique idea for a book” So many young people have the hardest time deciding what to do with their lives, and this book should give them food for thought. When working in a high school,I got much
    satisfaction from helping students seeking a career path. Seeing them successful, was my reward. Thanks for doing the book. John.

  2. Thanks John. We really appreciate it. That’s what we’re hoping the book will do. If you know any teachers out there, let them know the book and the website exist as resources.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Allow me to congratulate you on a wonderful idea for your book! I am sure it will be a success.



  4. Nicole Paara said

    Great idea! I look forward to finding it in Indigo!

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