Patricia Rozema on Q: Canada is a Woman

May 28, 2008

Yesterday, on CBC Radio’s Q, Jian Ghomeishi interviewed Kickstart participant Patricia Rozema on the question of whether Hollywood needs a bit of an estrogen kick. The conclusion was ‘Yeah, pretty much.” With the exception of the forthcoming Sex and the City godzilla, the cineplex is a virtual sausage fest of superheroes. Why is that? Apparently, it’s due to a bunch of things, one of which may relate to a declining proportion of women in the industry, and the rest of which are all pretty much economic.

Rozema argues that teenage boys are the only demographic that can guarantee a huge opening weekend. Why? Because they’re boys. They see a superhero movie and they need to line up for three hours on the opening day. And then they need to do it all again – dragging their girlfriends, if they’re lucky enough to have any. Where young women are increasingly making up a larger and larger percentage of appointment TV watchers, their refusal to leave their dens and hike it to the Silver City is the main reason why there aren’t any big summer movies with strong heroines.

The interview is as our interview with Rozema was – off-kilter, rambling, and hilarious. Check out the podcast of the show here.

Here’s the trailer to her upcoming kids film, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.


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