Adventurous Dreams, Adventurous Lives

May 22, 2008

Not too long ago, Kickstart contributor Patrick Morrow sent us an e-mail alerting us to the existence of an exciting new book called Adventurous Dreams, Adventurous Lives by travel writer Jason Schoonover. It turns out that Morrow was a contributor to Schoonover’s book as well, which looks at how 120 of the world’s most respected and adventurous explorers (the likes of Buzz Aldren, Meave and Louise Leakey and another Kickstart participant, Robert Bateman are included) started exploring in the first place.

Well, just the other day, we got an e-mail from Schoonover. He wanted to know if we’d had as much trouble getting our book published as he had. The answer was a most undeniable ‘yes’. Turns out people in the industry didn’t think that an anthology of dreams by some of the world’s greatest dreamers would find a market. And he hadn’t just asked around in Canada. He shopped Adventurous Dreams in the States as well.

As Schoonover mentioned in his e-mail, the responses were always the same: “Great idea, incredible cast and brilliantly executed BUT (the big BUT) ‘anthrologies don’t sell.'” Funny thing, we replied, we found a similarly chilly reception when we shopped Kickstart around.

Well, Schoonover finally found someone who would give him a shot (Rocky Mountain Books took a chance on him) and the book is out and proving all the nay-sayers wrong.

So there.

We never believed anyone when they told us there wasn’t a ready-made readership for our book, because we knew that people were looking for inspiration. We knew that, given all the change occurring to the way we live and work and consume, it’s becoming harder and harder to think big, take risks, and build the life you want. We knew (and it looks like Mr. Schoonover knew this too) that people want to live adventurous lives. If only they can find a way to dream them up.

Jason Schoonover at a reading McNally-Robinsons Bookstore
Jason Schoonover reading at a McNally-Robinsons Bookstore


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