In Defence of the Book

March 15, 2008


Many people ask us why we opted to make Kickstart a book. Why not a web site or documentary? (this last one is most often posed of Paul by fellow filmmakers) After all, these folks too often point out, who reads books anymore? Kids today don’t even know what to do with paper. If it’s not flashy, blinking, fully interactive, and running across a phone, laptop, or iPod screen, it smacks of the distant past.

We understand these argument because, well, we’re products of today’s book averse culture too. We understand what pases through the mind when you’re forced to choose between Guns, Germs, and Steel and Guitar Hero. Still, here is our defence of the book – 10 reasons why it is still the king (or queen, depending on your you know…) of all media:

1) You won’t have to buy a new copy when the world goes Blu-Ray

2) You can carry it in a napsack or jacket pocket, tattered and tired but still soldiering on, from Tuktiuktuk to Timbukto to Toronto

3) It’ll never get infected with a virus after you trawl through porn sites

4) You can spill coffee on it, drop it in the bath, scribble on it in indelible marker and it will still work

5) It requires no additional software

6) You can impress girls by staring at it pensively (andsometimes blankly) in European cafes

7) It worked for Tolstoy

8) It’s the original handheld, wireless device

9) Great for holding doors open and propping up lop-sided tables

10) One word: Intimacy

Kickstart was designed (yes, designed) to be picked up, put down, returned to, and dwelt over. It is divided into short sections that you can churn through on the subway, the toilet, or a park bench. You can stuff it in a backpackk or purse, carry it around, forget it’s there and then suddenly discover it when you’ve got a moment to think and reflect. It won’t force itself on to you by vbrating frantically or mechanically chirping ‘Hello Moto’ mid-meal. But it will be ready for an intimate moment when you need it.

That’s the beauty of the book. And why Kickstart couldn’t have taken any other form.


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