Reaching Across the Atlantic

March 14, 2008

There’s an inspired man in Ireland named Anthony Thuillier. He is studying barristry at Kings Inns in Dublin, is a quadrilinguist and spent two years teaching in the mountainous climes of Bergamo, Italy.

Perhaps it is fair to say that Anthony is a pan-Europeanist: one of those young cosmopolitain creatures who embraces all the ideals of an open, tolerant and cooperative Europe. But he is also Irish, clearly.

Here are the first lines of an email he sent his college friend Alex a few days ago:

“ireland is on the periphery of europe and britain, even america.
it is a besider-outsider.
canada is also a besider-outside: beside the States but very much
separate identity-wise.”
He then goes on to outline the need for some cross-cultural discussion founded on this fact. The besider-outsiders of the world shall unite. We have a lot to share from this proposal. And a lot to gain.
A take on “Falling Slowly” from the film Once
Anthony, who is spending time in the event planning field, has recorded a couple of hilarious songs, both available from youtube. The first is a take on the Oscar-winning Glen Hansard tune from the sleeper hit Once. This thing is especially funny if you a) have seen the movie, b) have spent large amounts of time in Ireland c) really get Irish politics. Seen over 14,000 times in a couple of weeks, this is it above.
Not to worry, we hope to use the Kickstart project to build these bridges. Watch this space for more ideas and proposals stemming from Anthony’s entreaty.

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