What We Do With Our Spare Time, Part 1

February 12, 2008

In case anyone was wondering, when we’re not making fools of ourselves in front of famous Canadians, we actually engage in other, sometimes meaningful, lines of work. Often, they involve constitutional law. Alex, currently at the bottom of the barrel at his particular institution, manages to keep his head up as soon as someone mentions any number of key words: paramountcy, ancillary, s. 91, s. 92… oooh, he’s getting distracted just thinking about them.

Anyway, he and Paul were in Quebec City in January, following the Canadians Constitutional Affairs Conference, an event that brought together students from all across Canada. Paul was there doing what he does best: filming, directing and looking lost. Alex was there for the food. The three-day event was exceptionally organized by students from McGill and Laval universities. The photo below shows Paul interviewing one of the organizers, Nolan Bauerle, while ubiquitous cameraman Eric Fenato looks on.

The Canadian Constitutional Affairs Conference.

Within a couple of weeks, Alex was at another event, this time in Montreal. It was a black suit affair (he was in sneakers) at one of the fanciest places he had never been but always seen: the Suco Lounge. The Institut du Canada moderne, a federalist organization in a sea of Quebec nationalism, was launching its think tank called, um, Le Think Tank. No joke. We hope the group succeeds and, judging by those present, the future of the country will be defended by a bunch of well-dressed, good looking people.


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